D+S Distribution specializes in providing strategic supply chain solutions to meet the distribution and transportation requirements of today’s dynamic business world. Activities started in 1986 in transportation, with progressive growth to the full range of supply chain logistics including inventory management, value-added services, just-in-time delivery, sequencing and kitting, vendor managed inventory, automotive service programs, seasonal overflow and facility leasing.

D+S Distribution began operations in 1986 with a plan to offer the very best customer service in transportation. Today we have the very same focus on superior customer service but with a greatly expanded offering of supply chain logistics solutions for our customers. What began with three tractors providing transportation services for Rubbermaid in Wooster, Ohio by Bill DeRodes has expanded to approximately 21 facilities, over 3 million square feet of warehouse space availability and a variety of customized technology solutions.

Bill DeRodes grew up around the trucking business with his dad’s small truck delivery business, hauling US Mail. After college he worked for a large Fortune 100 company in the distribution division. When Bill’s father suddenly passed away, Bill decided to begin his own trucking business. 1990 was the company’s first warehousing opportunity. Transporting product for Volvo GM Heavy Trucks created a need for temporary storage of product.

The first warehouse in Wooster, Ohio opened at the request of Jon Ansel, then purchasing director for Volvo. The Wooster warehouse success spurred an additional warehouse in Dublin, Virginia supporting Volvo’s Dublin plant. In addition to warehousing and transportation, a wide variety of sub-assembly, packaging and value added services were supported by D+S Distribution.

1995, Jon Ansel joined D+S Distribution as General Manager. Jon began expanding the warehousing division by diversifying the customer base and rapidly expanding the variety of services and technologies utilized to support customer requirements. In 1998, D+S constructed a 150,000 square foot warehouse at our Nichols complex then quickly added a second 210,000 square foot warehouse at the same location.

In 1999, the corporate building was purchased and renovated. 1998 Integrated Logistics Services was formed as a freight brokerage division to continue the expansion of customer services. Beginning in 2000 to present day, D+S has opened facilities in Wooster, Columbus and Cleveland.

In 2016, Bill sold controlling interest to Jon Ansel and Kevin Trent.

Office Building

Executive Staff
Jon Ansel, President
Kevin Trent, Vice President
Mick Bolon, VP Operations

Esther Kulenich, Director, Transportation Services

Several years ago a potential supplier asked us what he needed to do to grow his business at Wooster Brush. Our response was ‘make us feel like we were his number one customer’ which is based on what I feel has been the key to our successful relationship with D+S Distribution – high levels of service and treated like we are their number one customer every day.

Steve Workman, Wooster, OH Purchasing Manager, Wooster Brush

We consider D+S Distribution to be an extension of our operation. We are proud of what we have achieved together.

Rick Oberg, Wooster, OH General Manager, International Paper

I have never known your team to be anything less than the utmost professionals. D+S Distribution always has a solution to offer and is always quick to implement. Customer satisfaction runs deep throughout all levels of your organization.

John Hewer, Columbus, OH President, Resource Packaging

When working with D+S Distribution we really feel they have our company’s best interest in mind and we work together not as a supplier and a customer but as partners.

Niklas Gerborg, Cleveland, OH President, BabySwede LLC

With proposed solutions as the starting point, D+S Distribution consistently delivers what they promise. D+S combines its many years of experience across a broad base of industries with documented processes and procedures to consistently deliver results.

James Sabo, Ravenna, OH Director of Operations, White Rubber Corporation

Hytec put out RFPs to several 3PL operations and was focused specifically on finding a service provider for the distribution piece. D+S Distribution did not provide the best pricing but it did present the greatest value. We wanted to get our distribution costs in line and D+S helped us redesign our outbound distribution network from Columbus. Hytec partnered with D+S to outsource the management of its 50,000 sq. ft. distribution facility so it could fluctuate staffing up and down to match varying business cycles which reduced staff and increased productivity. We have gone from fixed to variable distribution costs based on sales.

Denis Bruncak, Columbus, OH CEO, Hytec Automotive Group

D+S Distribution and its management has always been top notch. You have a wonderful model and your service is outstanding. I will always recommend you to customers or other manufacturers during my travels. D+S has been the best 3PL and warehouse provider I have ever worked with.

Barry Smith, Euclid, OH Director Global Supply Chain, Lincoln Electric

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